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How many brokers will see my broadcast?

Everyone who has opted to see messages from the messages market and region.

What are the ideal image sizes for my Company Branding page header and footer.

Your header and footer should both be 940 x 100 pixels. All images will resize to show as 100 pixels high.

Can I sign up for more than 1 market?

Yes. Go to Account | Subscriptions and click “Add Market.”

You can send and receive unlimited messages in your markets using your SKYYSCRAPER web application.

Will my listing be viewable after my announcement is sent?

Yes. SKYYSCRAPER is a robust platform which broadcast messages to our network and showcases your listings announcement to our members on our website.

Go to your Dashboard and click Browse in the top menu and view all of our listings for your market.

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Web Application Questions

Broadcasts, Filters, Account, Billing, Dashboards. Get all your questions answered here.

Why don't you show more data for a property?

We’re always balancing visual clarity with rendering data. The Commercial Real Estate industry is an industry of metrics and we didn’t want our app to start looking like a stock-buying interface. We include very-core metrics like square footage, cost-per-square-foot, and price. Contact the broker who broadcasted the listing to learn more about that property.

Why only allow the zip code for a property?

Adding a property zip code is an optional field.

Discretion is paramount for many sellers. In certain locations, listing location information may give a clue to the exact location of a property. Listing a property by city or county and optional zip code seems general enough to give the viewer at least some idea of where the property is located.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to ACCOUNT | SUBSCRIPTIONS and delete the market(s) you would like to remove yourself from. Your service will stop immediately and you won’t be billed again.

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